I’m not gonna lie–the title of this blog reminds me of coffee. Which I miss. A lot. I don’t miss Pepsi or Diet Coke. I don’t miss iced tea. I don’t miss red wine. I only miss coffee. On Easter Sunday, I’ll be the girl you have to peel off the ceiling in the sanctuary because I’m most definitely drinking a large quantity of the stuff first thing that morning.

This blog isn’t about coffee. I mean, it is so far, but starting right now it’s about…


Blended worship.

We’re in the middle of three Sundays in a row of one worship service, both styles represented. This means that we have both the worship team, keyboard, guitars and amps from our 8:30 service and the choir and organ from our 10:30 service. It means we have “gathering songs” and “hymns.” Between the services, most of the other elements are pretty similar–it just feels a lot less formal at the 8:30 service.

We had our first of these services this past Sunday and I loved it! It was wonderful having the whole congregation together at one service. I loved the music. I loved the spirit in the room. I’ve heard all kinds of feedback, both good and bad.

People ALWAYS find SOMETHING to complain about, right? People will even complain about little bitty things that don’t even matter and are ridiculous to complain about. I only struggle with this because it’s against my nature. I’m usually determined to find the good things. I’m often confused when I read movie reviews or reviews about anything because they are often so…negative. I try to find the things I like and forget about the things I don’t like. I’m just saying that probably the world would be a happier place if other people were doing this, too.

Well, anyway, so I like this blended worship thing, but I can’t imagine it would work for every Sunday. The part about worshiping all together would work great. Blending the services each week probably would work less great. We have people who only like to sing hymns with the organ. We have people who only like to sing newer songs. There are people who don’t like not having musical notes to follow (we just do lyric sheets for the 8:30 service) and there are people who don’t know how to read hymns. There are people who think it’s okay to raise a hand or two when you sing and there are people who think that’s scandalous. There are people who love a choir in robes and people who love a worship team in jeans.

So basically, blended worship is an attempt to please everybody, but you know what happens when you try to please everybody?

You’re bound to fail. Pleasing everybody is pretty much impossible.

I will choose to be glad to be at worship with my church family! I will choose to fix my eyes on God, who is the reason I am there. I will choose to find beauty in each part of the service, even if it’s different or not my taste, because the whole service is an opportunity to worship the creator of everything.

When I’m in worship, may I be so filled with wonder, awe and amazement that there isn’t room for anything negative!

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