Blogging for Blog’s Sake

May 8, 2008

It’s Thursday night, all of my work for the week is done, and I can relax until Saturday morning with nothing to do (and then that’s a fun thing–climbing at Vertical Excape).

That’s a really good feeling!

This week has been full! A service unit meeting for Girl Scouts, a leadership-development meeting in Hopkinsville, two mailing deadlines, a mountain of phone calls to make, the arrival of the Girl Scout cookie prizes (and the necessary step of calling all of the other leaders and making arrangements for them to come and pick them up), a VBS meeting and all of the other regularly scheduled stuff that goes on during the week.

Plus, Jonas got in a bit of trouble today at school (he said something inappropriate in the bus line–not great, but could have been worse). That in itself kind of turned the day upside down. But his parents have dealt with that situation and for now it’s fine. Although it’s going to be a tough week since he’s officially “grounded” at both of his houses (a first in his situation and a very good step towards working together, I think).

Tomorrow, Jason and Jonas leave for a weekend camping trip–to some place by Holiday World. The Lincoln place. If that means anything to you. They are going with the scouts. I’m going to clean, go to Vertical Excape with my girl scout troop, and have dinner with my mom for Mother’s Day. And church stuff on Sunday!

For now, I’m just goofing around on the computer and watching the news 🙂

One response to Blogging for Blog’s Sake

  1. I hope your weekend was very relaxing. It’s nice when all your day-to-day chores have been accomplished and you can enjoy some time w/out all of that hanging over your head.


    It’s looking like I’ll be in the Evansville area June 13th-16th. I’ll call ya sometime soon and see if you’re going to be around/available/etc. 🙂