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December 30, 2009

If you’re my friend in real life, your blog didn’t count for this list, although I probably follow your blog and read all of your updates. If you’re my friend in real life and you have a public blog, you should be appearing on the list over there ———–> If it’s not, it’s either because you NEVER update your blog or I just forgot to add it (Don’t feel bad. I’m a busy girl and my brain is turning to mush more and more each day. You can/should remind me).

Stuff Christians Like
It’s no secret that I love, love, love Jon Acuff’s blog.

A Church For Starving Artists
Jan Edmiston’s blog. Updated almost daily and always with something that gets me thinking.

Hit the Back Button To Move Forward

Youth Minister Gavin Richardson’s blog about “being a little monastic and a lot of geek.”

Jesus Needs New PR
This blog is pretty controversial, but Matthew Paul Turner has a way with finding the humorous, the ironic, the ridiculous, the hurtful, and the dishonest things about Christianity. Does he go too far sometimes? Probably. But does he seek truth? Definitely.

Love Is An Orientation
At the top of my books I’m glad I read in 2009 is Andrew Marin’s Love Is An Orientation. His blog is a great source of information and inspiration.

Why Is Marko?
Formerly ysmarko, this is the blog of former Youth Specialties president Mark Oestreicher.

Without Wax
Pete Wilson, the pastor with the best hair ever, has a great blog too.

Leading with Purpose
A blog written by Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.

The Freakonomics Blog
Loved the book, love the blog.

The girl is not for the faint of heart. Her photography is incredible and she can tell a story like no one else.

I Am Bossy

Anyone that blogs in the third person is awesome.

Just too adorable.

Always Home and Uncool
Kevin is a stay at home Dad and writer. He has two kids–Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Fail Blog
Good for a laugh every day.

Which ones did I miss? Share your lists!

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