May 15, 2007

So, somewhere along the line, BOB-o’clock became part of Jason’s lexicon. It had something to do with Hennyfair, of course, but I’m not sure how it made its way into his daily use. Well, of course Jonas picked it up somewhere.

Last night, we took Jonas out to celebrate that school is almost out. On the way home, he was in a bit of a fighting mood (meaning that he was just looking to pick a fight over anything b/c he was tired). Here is a conversation we had:

Jonas: Oh, great (sarcastically)! It’s BOB-o’clock!

Jason: Yep.

Jonas: What the heck is BOB-o’clock anyway?

Jason: Well, 8:08 kinda looks like BOB.

Jonas: There’ sno such thing as BOB!

Jason: Well, it just looks like BOB.

Jonas: No such thing.

Becky: I guess you’re going to have to fight Jenny about that one.

Jonas: (with all the fight of a tired 8 year old) Who is she and where is she?

Becky: She’s my friend. She lives in Bloomfield, IN.

Jonas: Ah, Crap! I’m not going there!

Becky: (choking back a laugh) Jonas, don’t say crap.

Jason: (giggle, giggle, laugh out loud)

Becky: (laughs–like the worst thing you can do when you’re trying to teach a lesson)

Jonas: (giggling) Ah Crap! Ah Crap! Ah Crap! HA!

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