Bread and Fish For 5000

A Melodrama (Luke 9:10-17)

(A note about spontaneous melodrama: one person reads the script and the “actors” repeat lines and act out their parts. Ad-libbing on the part of the reader is allowed and the actors being dramatic and hamming it up is encouraged. The script reader needs to remember to pause and wait for actors to deliver their lines.)

Actors: Jesus, James, Peter, Andrew, Phillip, The Crowd, The other Disciples

Props: Sunglasses for the disciples; crackers; tuna fish

Jesus and his Disciples were having an exhausting week. They had spent some time preaching the Good News, healing sick people and travelling from town to town. They even heard rumors that King Herod, who was not a fan, was looking for them.

Do you know who was a fan? Everyone else! Everywhere Jesus and the Disciples went, they were followed by a huge crowd.

Now, the disciples sometimes were a little irritated by the crowd and sometimes tried to shoo them away.

But Jesus welcomed the people to follow him and enjoyed talking to them about the Kingdom of God. If one of the people in the crowd came to him because he needed healing—say because he had a broken leg…and a stomach ache…and a paper cut on his tongue—Jesus would heal him.

One day, Jesus wanted to take his tired disciples to Bethsaida to rest. But the crowd caught wind of this plan and followed. The disciples were a bit annoyed. Jesus was glad to see the people and healed the ones who needed to be healed. Even the girl who came up to Jesus because she couldn’t stop sneezing. She took of her shoe and showed Jesus that her pinky toe had turned purple. And then she gave him a strand of her hair that kept falling out. Jesus gently touched her forehead and she stopped sneezing and was healed.

As the day wore on, the disciples became more tired. And a little bit cranky. And very hungry. You could hear their stomachs growling. And you could hear them arguing with each other a little bit.

Andrew said to Peter: You ask him.

Peter said to Andrew: No, you ask him.

This argument continued for a few more seconds.

Phillip said: I’ll ask him. Hey, Jesus? Think it’s time to eat?

Jesus answered, “Sure!”

The disciples were glad about this news. They were really, really hungry by this time. James even fainted because he was so hungry.

Phillip had an idea: Just send the crowd away, Jesus. They can get something to eat and we can go hang out at that new pizza place in Bethsaida.

But Jesus had a different idea. He said, “You feed them.”

James woke up, rose to his feet and said, “But we’re in the middle of nowhere!” and then fainted again.

Andrew took a quick survey of the crowd and told Jesus that he had found 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.

The disciples started checking their pockets for money. They found all kinds of things in their pockets, but no money. One of the disciples took Jesus one of the things he had found in his pocket. “We don’t have money to buy anymore food. Do you think we could sell this?”

Jesus examined the object. Jesus shook the object. Jesus held the object upside down and examined it some more. Finally, Jesus shook his head.

Then he took the loaves and the fish and had the crowd sit down on the ground. Jesus took the bread and the fish and he lifted it up toward the sky. Jesus prayed. Jesus blessed the bread. Jesus broke the bread. Jesus gave the bread and the fish to the disciples to hand out to the crowd.

The disciples passed out the food and the crowd began to eat. They loved the food. It was so tasty. They started talking to each other about how good it was. One member of the crowd asked Jesus for his recipe.

The amazing thing was that even though 5000 people had shared the small amount of food, there was food left! The disciples remembered how hungry they were and began to eat the leftovers.

Then they all gave Jesus a hug and apologized for being so grumpy.

The end