September 7, 2005

Not the food, but the girl scout 🙂 We had our first Brownie meeting yesterday. I lead a troop from Jefferson Elementary School. It’s a lot of fun, but the logistics just got a lot harder! 22 girls are in Troop 981 this year. Last year we had 9. 32 originally signed up to join this year, but I haven’t heard back from 10 of them.

Considering the large number of girls, yesterday’s first meeting went really smoothly. I was kind of strict yesterday, which is a teacher trick. Start out strict and then you can relax once you have them following the rules. There are some wild ones in the troop, though! I think it will be a really fun year, but it’s going to be tough to plan everything and organize everything. Fortunately I have some wonderful Brownie moms who are already helping a lot! If you want to find out more about girl scouts, click here.

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