Caffeine: Becky’s Drug of Choice

August 23, 2007

I used to be all self-righteous and slightly naive and say things like, “I don’t understand how people can get addicted to drugs.” Of course, I was wearing blinders because I am pretty much addicted to caffeine. And I don’t just like like my caffeine straight, either. I like it surrounded by sugar and cream/milk. But I can stop any time. Really.

We had so much fun at after school club this week. Some of the girls made nurses uniforms complete with hat and smock, as well as pockets full of construction paper treats–dog bones, lollipops, band-aids, etc. They also made an office out of construction paper with a laptop (with the keys drawn on and a construction paper mouse. And of course, the fun with perler beads never ends. They do perler bead projects every day.

Last night we had a church dinner. A couple of the men grilled steaks and we sang some songs and did some Bible trivia stuff. I thought it was fun. Of course, I’m a Bible nerd and the questions were really hard.

Jonas is doing really well in school. His teacher told Jason that she hasn’t had an ounce of trouble out of Jonas this year. We’re so proud of him! And he’s getting better about doing his homework. I think he really likes school this year.

Well, I need to deliver the backpacks to South Heights and get some lunch!

4 responses to Caffeine: Becky’s Drug of Choice

  1. Sounds like things are going well for you now that school is back in. That’s good to know.

    Thanks for your assistance with my cable questions the other night. Guess what? I’ve decided to not get it at all for now. Yeah, might as well save the money. Besides, I get all mad every stinkin’ time I start thinking about the topic in general. So retarded!

  2. Well, if it’s any consolation, you’ll probably live without it!

    And I understand getting mad about dealing with the companies!

  3. Oh, I know I’ll live w/out it. I just wanted it mostly for weekends and late night. Oh, and of course the Discovery Health Channel. Man, I love that channel!

  4. Me too! I miss the discovery channels, TLC, and Boy Meets World.