I did it. I kept my word to Jason.

I went camping. I said I would go camping for one night and I did.

I hope you’re all happy!

First of all, I’ll just mention that it was not altogether horrible (mostly I’ll mention that for the sake of my husband who worked hard to plan and carry out what I’m sure was an absolutely lovely camping experience as far as camping trips go]. Hillman Ferry Campground in Land Between the Lakes is probably like a Five Star resort of campgrounds. It was huge and had access to the lake, actual toilets and showers and running water, big camp sites with fire pits and picnic tables, a camp store and swimming area. We had some good family together time and good food to eat (and s’mores are necessary when I’m camping, so we had those too).

It’s just that…I’m not someone who enjoys camping. So, me on future camping trips will be only the most very occasional event.

We went with Jason‘s brother, Austin, and his kids, Nolan and Tyler (My sister in law, Megan, seemed a little too subdued when we met them at their house yesterday. I have a feeling that as soon as all of us drove away, she danced around the house for about an hour and then threw a party to celebrate her alone-ness) and Jason’s dad, Donnie. The best part of the trip was spending such an extended period of time with all of them and watching Jonas play and spend time with his cousins. It seems the only time we see each other for quality time anymore is on holidays or for family parties or when there are distracting things happening. It was nice to reconnect with all of them.

Last night, as we were sitting around the campfire (which is really my very favorite part of camping–everyone around a fire), Donnie suddenly said, “Everyone walk away slowly…” I’m not sure anything good ever starts with that. A skunk had wandered into our camp and was scouting out food around our picnic table. We all got up and Jason grabbed water and threw it on the poor thing. It ran away. About ten minutes later, a much larger skunk made his way into our area. Jason threw rocks at him.

You realize if that skunk had sprayed our camp and we had to go home, that would still have counted as my night camping–even if we didn’t spend the whole night.

After that, we started hearing all of these loud booming noises in the distance. We had no idea what it was. It was loud and kind of scary. We eventually found someone who identified it as fireworks–some celebration nearby. I am so glad we found that out because the end of the show (the grand finale) would have scared me nearly to death, I’m sure.

It was chilly, which meant I had to visit the bathroom a lot (sorry if that’s TMI, but something about cold air…). Since I was the only one not so anatomically gifted to be able to accomplish that with just enough tree cover, I spent lots of time walking the five minutes to the bathroom building. That was super not fun in the middle of the night, by the way.

We slept in Jason’s two (wo)man tent. It was…cozy. If you’re a realtor, you know what I mean. As we were settling in for bed last night, Jason looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “You look good!”

“Try something! I DARE you,” I replied through gritted teeth. He did not.

Our menu was pretty diverse. We ate Mexican haystacks last night for supper, followed by Jiffy Pop, S’mores, and this nutella/Smart Balance peanut butter/flatbread thing Donnie brought (that I was the only one willing to try, by the way–how’s that for adventurous spirit?). This morning, we had bacon, eggs and oatmeal cooked over the campfire. Jason’s a really good campfire cook.

Papaw Donnie and Uncle Austin took the boys fishing while I helped Jason do dishes and break down camp. On the way out, we stopped at Lighthouse Landing to take some pictures and stopped at Candy Land (one of our regular LBL stops) to get some candy. As we were driving there, the following conversation made me giggle:

Jonas: So that guy (who owns Candy Land) makes all the candy?

Jason: Yes.

Jonas: What will happen when he dies?

Jason: Well…maybe he has kids who will run it. Maybe he’ll sell it before then.

Jonas: Yeah…but it won’t be the same.

Jason: You’re probably right.

Jonas: That’s probably what makes him keep on kicking.

I love that kid.

We made it home this afternoon and I took a 25 minute shower (I could have stayed in longer, but I had a meeting to get to and I feel bad taking showers longer than 7 minutes anyway) and I still feel kind of icky.

My husband is awesome. I’m so thrilled that he loves to camp and wanted to share that with me. I hope he and Jonas and the rest of the men in our family got some entertainment out of watching me adjust and deal with life at the campsite. I hope I didn’t whine too much (I really, really, really tried not to be whiney, but a couple of things were a bit too much).

5 thoughts on “Camp-tastic”

  1. It sounds like you were a real sport about the camping.
    Thanks for your comment on my post, I always thought you were the most genuinely nice person I've ever known. Your support meant a lot to me!

  2. You should have had Sam with you to scare off the skunks. Nope.

    Skunked dog= terrible terrible terrible

    Way to go, my brave little trooper!

  3. Becky, care to share what things were a bit too much just in case Nibby decides were going?

  4. Oh, Greg, the skunks were a bit much. Also, I told Jason that i don't think I ever want to cook with raw meat over a campfire anymore–I'm a little too careful about bacteria and when you're cooking outdoors, it's not so easy to control that. If I go again, I'll be bringing the meat already cooked and we'll just heat it over the fire and then add the other ingredients!

    I didn't like having to hike to the bathroom in the middle of the night (although Jason did go with me). Also, it was a LOT of work and there were so many things that we had to set up and then take down (I'm thinking that part wouldn't bother you so much–you're good at setting up and taking down!).

    Overall, once I was safely and comfortably home, I was glad I went because the overall experience was good. And I like outside, I just don't like LIVING outside. I'd rather visit.

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