Caffeine: Becky’s Drug of Choice

I used to be all self-righteous and slightly naive and say things like, “I don’t understand how people can get addicted to drugs.” Of course, I was wearing blinders because I am pretty much addicted to caffeine. And I don’t just like like my caffeine straight, either. I like it surrounded by sugar and cream/milk. But I can stop any time. Really.

We had so much fun at after school club this week. Some of the girls made nurses uniforms complete with hat and smock, as well as pockets full of construction paper treats–dog bones, lollipops, band-aids, etc. They also made an office out of construction paper with a laptop (with the keys drawn on and a construction paper mouse. And of course, the fun with perler beads never ends. They do perler bead projects every day.

Last night we had a church dinner. A couple of the men grilled steaks and we sang some songs and did some Bible trivia stuff. I thought it was fun. Of course, I’m a Bible nerd and the questions were really hard.

Jonas is doing really well in school. His teacher told Jason that she hasn’t had an ounce of trouble out of Jonas this year. We’re so proud of him! And he’s getting better about doing his homework. I think he really likes school this year.

Well, I need to deliver the backpacks to South Heights and get some lunch!

Wednesday Morning Update

My back to school schedule is starting to feel a bit more normal–and so far, so good! It’s been hard to know what to do with all of my office hours back! Over the summer, I’m always scrambling to get things done because there are so many recreational activities planned. With the kids in school during my regular office hours, that doesn’t happen so much…

Today I get back into my weekly prayer meetings with area youth ministers! We officially started back last week, but I had a commitment that I could not skip. It will be good to be back with the group. We pray together at 11 each Wednesday.

Our after school program is full! Well, actually, we have five spaces left for kids who do not ride the church van, but the spaces in the van are full. That’s never happened so quickly before!

I filled the backpacks for the blessings in a backpack program for the first time this school year this morning! Each week, South Heights Elementary School sends 20 children home with backpacks full of food brought in by area churches. These children are screened and chosen by teachers and school staff because it seems that they are not getting enough to eat at home, either due to parent neglect or lack of resources.

We’ve been involved since January and our church is responsible for three of those backpacks. Different families have committed to each backpack once per month. They bring in the food to fill the backpack or $20 for the backpack fund. Then a man from our church and I take turns buying the necessary food items (usually grab and go or easy-open microwaveable foods that kids can fix for themselves) and filling the backpacks and returning them to the school. The kids take them home on Friday and return them empty each Monday. It’s an awesome program!

It was fun to go to South Heights this morning and see all of the backpacks hanging in the resource room, just waiting to be filled and knowing that by Friday they would all have food in them. For some people it’s hard to believe that there are 20 children at one school that need this help, but the resource coordinator told me that there are children on a waiting list for this program.

Well, it’s back to work for me!

Home again…(edited)

Well, the City Sights crew is safely home and enjoying the comforts of home tonight. We have some really fantastic middle school students out there in Western KY. They worked hard these last couple of days and really made a difference to a little congregation of 15 immigrants (and their 30 children). I’ll be posting some more pictures on the youth blog tomorrrow.

A few funny things happened today.

First of all, someone donated an organ to the church we’ve been working at during the night last night. The coordinator called Steve (the youth guy in BG) to tell him. He said, “oh, great!” She said, “it’s in the middle the sanctuary (where we’ve been painting). He said, “oh, no!” He was telling me about it when David (one of my 7th grade guys) was standing near by.

Steve: The church had an organ donated last night.
Me: Oh! That’s fantastic.
David: Hey, what organ was it?
Me (pause for confusion): Oh–not like a liver. The musical kind.


A few of us had to visit Walmart to pick up supplies. We bought some shelving units, some curtains for the basement windows, some storage bins, some classroom supplies (crayons, markers, scissors, glue sticks, construction paper–none of which they had), and some red paint for the front doors. We only needed a quart of paint. The first two that they tried to make EXPLODED in the paint mixer. We got the final quart half price because we waited so long.

Also, we left the Bowling Green church at 4:30 this afternoon. There were nine of us in the Henderson group and 8 people in the group headed to Mayfield. They were going to follow us to Chick-Fil-A for dinner (in BG). Now, CFA was WAY out of our way, but the kids wanted to go there and we had some extra time, so we decided to do it. We got directions from Steve and immediately got lost. Then we made our way back to the church (crazy one way streets) and started over. Then we got stuck in traffic. The power was out in much of BG (big storm). The traffic was terrible. We finally made it to CFA after about an hour or more of driving and looking for back ways (and having to turn two great big vehicles around in a car dealership). We unloaded our vans and one of the employees stuck his head out the window to tell us they were CLOSED b/c they had no power.


So the guy gave us alternate directions to get to the parkway and avoid most of the traffic and we finally got on it after driving around BG so long we could have already made it home.

And then we had to stop at MCDONALDS (which is Hebrew for NASTY) in Morgantown. Thank goodness for the Subway down the road and for Ginny and Sarah who hiked to bring some back for us.

So now I’m home for another week. Then I go to Mammoth Cave with the youth group (overnight). Then I do some other youth trips (not overnight). Then Jenny visits. Then I go to Texas. Then I panic because school is about to start and I still have a lot of things to do that I haven’t made time for all summer. Then I take a week of vacation right before school starts.

Summer is flying by!

Tomorrow I Leave (again)

Tomorrow afternoon, I head to Bowling Green with seven middle schoolers and another adult for City Sights, City Lights. That’s our annual 48 hour local middle school mission experience. We’ll be staying at The Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green.

So pray for Elle, Hannah, Sarah, B.J., Aimee, Ben and David. Pray especially for Ginny and I!

I’m taking my computer, but I’m not sure that they’ll have internet access for me.

I’m not in Charge, after all…

See, it was just a failure to communicate!

I’m not in charge of this crazy trip–God’s in charge of this crazy trip. So, that’s a relief! That kinda makes a difference. Thanks to my dear, praying friends and loved ones!

Actually, the last minute details are falling into place nicely with only one or two glitches possible at this point. Continue to pray for the entire mission team of 31 high school students and adults!

I wish I could keep you posted on this trip like I have on past trips, but it’s not possible. So I’ll write a few entries and share some pictures when I get back.

Have a great week!


Gentle readers, I may not survive the next few days of last minute trip planning.

It’s only Sunday and the phone rings off the hook, people won’t mail or bring me their essential documents, youthworks has a list of things I need to do that’s about 20 pages long, no one likes the rules, the packing list, the dress code (none of which are mine), and I have one girl who still lacks her birth certificate. I’m not 100 per cent over whatever I had last week, we still don’t have a place to stay next Friday night in Toronto, and I’m worrying way too much about the border crossing.

Other things I’m worrying about: The vehicles, their drivers, whether or not someone will be mugged, whether or not it’s okay for kids to go in groups without an adult at the mall, the kids’ behavior, whether or not all of the luggage will fit, whether or not I’ll be good at driving in Toronto…also, I had a dream that one of the churches that is going–and volunteered their 15 passenger bus–traded their mini-bus in for a charter bus. Charter buses are not allowed. So now I’m having irrational worries, too.

why, Why, WHY did I say I would plan this trip?

Okay, I know why.

Pray anyway.

Tri-Fest Update

It’s Tri-Fest time! We are running our parking booth again this year. The church is in a prime Tri-Fest Parking locations, so we charge $5 per car to park in our lot. All the money goes to our youth mission trip this Summer (Toronto in June).

Yesterday, we parked almost 90 cars and made $480 in parking fees and donations.

That’s slightly more than it costs for one person to go to Toronto!

A Few Kids I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for Jacob. At After School Club, Jacob teaches me about Yugi-Oh. At least, I think it’s Yugi-Oh. Mostly I just nod and smile and try to keep up. The only think I remember from yesterday’s lesson is that the yellow Dragon is evil. I told him that surprised me because yellow is a happy color. He said, “Ms. Becky….” and rolled his eyes.

I’m thankful for Riley. In my children’s sermon on Sunday, I was demonstrating the idea that there are some things we think we have to see to believe. So I asked the children what they thought a metal paper clip would do if I dropped it into a clear bowl of water. A couple said it would sink. A couple said it would float. Riley said it would “get wet.” Thanks, Riley.

I’m thankful for David. Yesterday in Sunday School, I gave 14 year old David a stack of papers to hand out. As I went on with the lesson, I noticed that David was folding each paper into an airplane and flying it at individuals around the room. I guess I should reconsider just picking the person sitting closest to me for help…

I’m thankful for Shelby and Trey who sat on either side of me yesterday during after school club and tried to do their homework. I say “tried” because mostly they were just giggling. Non-stop. Couldn’t stop, actually. How they got their homework done must have been God’s grace–for all of our sakes because I was about to go crazy.

I’m thankful for Chelsey. This morning at FCA, she decided to try a new trick. She started in the back of the auditorium, ran down the aisle and slid across the stage on her stomach. Like a penguin. Then, of course, everyone had to try it. Many times. But not me (in case you were wondering).

And, as always, I’m thankful for Jonas, who orders coffee ice cream, take a huge bite and then recoils in surprise because he “thought it would be warm.” LOL.

What are you thankful for today?