Gentle readers, I may not survive the next few days of last minute trip planning.

It’s only Sunday and the phone rings off the hook, people won’t mail or bring me their essential documents, youthworks has a list of things I need to do that’s about 20 pages long, no one likes the rules, the packing list, the dress code (none of which are mine), and I have one girl who still lacks her birth certificate. I’m not 100 per cent over whatever I had last week, we still don’t have a place to stay next Friday night in Toronto, and I’m worrying way too much about the border crossing.

Other things I’m worrying about: The vehicles, their drivers, whether or not someone will be mugged, whether or not it’s okay for kids to go in groups without an adult at the mall, the kids’ behavior, whether or not all of the luggage will fit, whether or not I’ll be good at driving in Toronto…also, I had a dream that one of the churches that is going–and volunteered their 15 passenger bus–traded their mini-bus in for a charter bus. Charter buses are not allowed. So now I’m having irrational worries, too.

why, Why, WHY did I say I would plan this trip?

Okay, I know why.

Pray anyway.

Tri-Fest Update

It’s Tri-Fest time! We are running our parking booth again this year. The church is in a prime Tri-Fest Parking locations, so we charge $5 per car to park in our lot. All the money goes to our youth mission trip this Summer (Toronto in June).

Yesterday, we parked almost 90 cars and made $480 in parking fees and donations.

That’s slightly more than it costs for one person to go to Toronto!

A Few Kids I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for Jacob. At After School Club, Jacob teaches me about Yugi-Oh. At least, I think it’s Yugi-Oh. Mostly I just nod and smile and try to keep up. The only think I remember from yesterday’s lesson is that the yellow Dragon is evil. I told him that surprised me because yellow is a happy color. He said, “Ms. Becky….” and rolled his eyes.

I’m thankful for Riley. In my children’s sermon on Sunday, I was demonstrating the idea that there are some things we think we have to see to believe. So I asked the children what they thought a metal paper clip would do if I dropped it into a clear bowl of water. A couple said it would sink. A couple said it would float. Riley said it would “get wet.” Thanks, Riley.

I’m thankful for David. Yesterday in Sunday School, I gave 14 year old David a stack of papers to hand out. As I went on with the lesson, I noticed that David was folding each paper into an airplane and flying it at individuals around the room. I guess I should reconsider just picking the person sitting closest to me for help…

I’m thankful for Shelby and Trey who sat on either side of me yesterday during after school club and tried to do their homework. I say “tried” because mostly they were just giggling. Non-stop. Couldn’t stop, actually. How they got their homework done must have been God’s grace–for all of our sakes because I was about to go crazy.

I’m thankful for Chelsey. This morning at FCA, she decided to try a new trick. She started in the back of the auditorium, ran down the aisle and slid across the stage on her stomach. Like a penguin. Then, of course, everyone had to try it. Many times. But not me (in case you were wondering).

And, as always, I’m thankful for Jonas, who orders coffee ice cream, take a huge bite and then recoils in surprise because he “thought it would be warm.” LOL.

What are you thankful for today?

Little Pink Hair Clippies are the New Parachute Pants

Okay, so here’s what happened to me yesterday:

One of my little Brownies, Lexi, gave me a little pink hair clip during our meeting yesterday. I put it in my hair and showed it off.

As I was driving home later that night, I reached up to brush my hair back and my hand hit the little pink hair clip. I proceeded to first be shocked and then laugh hysterically the whole way home. You see, after the meeting, I went to the grocery store. While there, I chatted with several people that I knew. All the while, I had a little pink hair clip randomly placed in my hair.

So, don’t be surprised when little pink hair clips are the new trend! You’ll know where it started.

Something else that’s making me laugh this week:

Here’s a converation I had with Austin on Monday. Austin is in Kindergarten.

Him: Hi. Can I call you Ms. Beck?
Me: I guess so.
Him: Great. Thanks, Ms. Beck! You wanna hear a joke, Ms. Beck?
Me: Sure
Him: Where do cows go?
Me: Where?
Him: To the mooooovies in Cow-afornia! (laughs hysterically)
Me: That’s really funny!
Him: Here’s another one. Knock knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Him: Orange
Me: orange who?
Him: Orange Banana
Me: (pause) Oh, that’s funny, too!