Little Pink Hair Clippies are the New Parachute Pants

Okay, so here’s what happened to me yesterday:

One of my little Brownies, Lexi, gave me a little pink hair clip during our meeting yesterday. I put it in my hair and showed it off.

As I was driving home later that night, I reached up to brush my hair back and my hand hit the little pink hair clip. I proceeded to first be shocked and then laugh hysterically the whole way home. You see, after the meeting, I went to the grocery store. While there, I chatted with several people that I knew. All the while, I had a little pink hair clip randomly placed in my hair.

So, don’t be surprised when little pink hair clips are the new trend! You’ll know where it started.

Something else that’s making me laugh this week:

Here’s a converation I had with Austin on Monday. Austin is in Kindergarten.

Him: Hi. Can I call you Ms. Beck?
Me: I guess so.
Him: Great. Thanks, Ms. Beck! You wanna hear a joke, Ms. Beck?
Me: Sure
Him: Where do cows go?
Me: Where?
Him: To the mooooovies in Cow-afornia! (laughs hysterically)
Me: That’s really funny!
Him: Here’s another one. Knock knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Him: Orange
Me: orange who?
Him: Orange Banana
Me: (pause) Oh, that’s funny, too!