September 1, 2005

Not the musical–which I have never seen. The actual animals. Specifically the actual animals that were living in my house. We got rid of all of the kittens that our cat, Simon, had in July. I am celebrating! And even better? Jason cleaned up the bathroom where they have been living and I didn’t even have to deal with the mess! I mean, I’ve been dealing with the mess all along, but I was dreading the end mess where we had to clean the bathroom from top to bottom so that it would be usable to humans again. I’m glad to have it back because we were all using the utility room bathroom and it’s not very big.

Anyway, all of the kittens are gone and I wish I could tell you I was sad. But I am not. The only problem I have now is that Simon wakes me up every morning when Jason goes to work. I wonder if that will get better when we get her fixed on Tuesday. Oh WAIT–I know it will get better because after she recovers from surgery, she’s going back outside where she belongs and then our house will be a pet-free zone once again! Well, not including the fish, but they’re not making messes for me to clean up.

Jonas’ grandfather (Jason’s dad) brought over a make your own light sabre kit for Jonas to play with tonight. I think that Jason’s having more fun helping Jonas make his “life saver” look just like “Annakin Stywater’s.”

Tomorrow is Friday and I think I’ll take the day off! Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?