Christmas Light Drive

December 6, 2009

Jason, Whitney, Vallerie and I drove around tonight (after Youth Group) and looked at Christmas lights. The first lights I wanted to see were Greg’s Peace Lights on Water Street, because i had heard so much about them. They are pretty cool, I thought.

We then headed across the bridge and to Garvin Park to drive through the Fantasy of Lights. It’s a fun thing to do every year, and a chance to support Easter Seals.

Wii really liked how the sea serpent reflected in the water.

Then, we left Garvin Park to head for Oregon Street, where V promised we would not be disappointed or short of tacky Christmas lights. Unfortunately, Oregon Street was not set up yet. We’ll try to get back there next week and hope they will be ready for us.

We were heading away from Oregon when we happened upon this:

Vallerie: “Uh uh. He is in a bed (beyed)!”
Whitney: “Someone thought of that, someone made it, someone bought it and someone put it in their yard….”
This is Santa in bed with a list of children’s names. It struck all of us as really wrong and creepy.

Wii and V partying in the USA with Miley

Okay. This blow up nativity is a pretty tacky decoration, I think. I don’t know why I dislike it so much, but I do.

When we were back in Henderson, we were driving along one of the side streets and found ANOTHER Santa in a bed with children’s names. We were sure there was only one…

It was a fun night with good friends! Happy yard lighting!

2 responses to Christmas Light Drive

  1. Thanks for the great pic of the Peace at Christmas Light display. Now I got to get busy and write my blog about what it means.

  2. The blog is up explaining the "Experience Peace at Christmas" Thanks Becky for letting me use your pic. We couldn't get a good one. Still looking for a close up pic of the peace symbol lit up.