Christmas Light (Urban) Hike

December 13, 2009

Last night, TopSpot Outdoors sponsored a Christmas Light Urban Hike around the East Side of Evansville–near the UE campus. It was a 3 mile course through neighborhoods off Lincoln Avenue. TopSpot regularly sponsors hiking, biking, camping and backpacking opportunities for their customers and friends. These events are usually free and are a good opportunity to get outdoors with other people who also enjoy it. Jason does a lot of their backpacking trips and day hikes.

The above picture is the only good one that I got of actual people on the hike. I don’t mind being the obnoxious picture taking girl that records all of our events for the sake of memories when I’m with my loved ones who try to understand me, but I feel funny taking pictures of strangers who may not want to have their pictures taken.

We met the rest of our hiking group very close to where I used to live during my senior year of college. This is a terrible picture of the Hazeart apartments on the UE campus. I can assure you that they are much nicer looking in the day time…and on the inside.

Now, this house had a lot going on. I mean, Clark Griswold would have been put to shame. Unfortunately, about the time we got here it was raining a little bit. We stopped, admired the lights, and then hurried on our way.

Here are two of my hiking buddies. You recognize Jason, and the un-smiling thuggish looking child next to him is Jonas, of course. Jonas made it clear that he doesn’t smile for pictures anymore, but I took some anyway.

It must be awesome to have complete strangers jump into your yard and use your tree as a picture backdrop!

After the hike, we grabbed some pizza at The Slice. The Slice is practically on the UE campus and they have really awesome pizza.

And they also have this sign on their counter. It seemed familiar. Maybe they had it on their counter way back in the day when I lived next door?

And we spent some time playing video games in the back room before we headed home.

It was a fun and unique way to spend a Saturday night.