Church Easter Pictures

April 13, 2009

My brother, Jeff, came to celebrate Easter with the family and help lead music at the 8:30 service.Jeff, Whitney and Randy warm up before the 8:30 service.

A couple of pictures of the Early Service Music Team: Jeff (guitar and keyboard), Whitney (guitar), Randy, Harrison, Becky, Jonas (egg shaker)

Here are a couple of pictures of kids at the first service helping with a song. From left to right: Jonas, Jac, Italia, Michael, Adam Riley, Tolliver, Lucy, Jasper.

First Grade Tolliver came into the first service and reported that a squirrel had carried one of our Easter eggs up a tree. During the hunt, we found the chewed up egg without any candy!

Keymoni gets that egg!

Cooper must have practiced!

Martha takes a moment to inspect her egg

Nelson and Nelson

Three generations–Savannah, Helen and Leslie

Pam and Whitney after the first service

Molly stops hunting to pose for a picture

MacKenzie and Trevor hunt for eggs

The Durhams

2 responses to Church Easter Pictures

  1. As always love your blog. Especially the last family pic. But I have to give Jason a hard time. Does he have paint on his hands?

  2. That’s funny–yes he has paint on his hands. He painted the building in our yard on Saturday. I didn’t even notice!