Church History and Doctrine: The Early Church and Our Church

That was the topic of this weekend’s Lay Pastor class. I go once every other month to take this class in Hopkinsville over a weekend. There are 12 classes before graduation. Then you choose what to do with your certification. Some people just take the class to learn. Others take it so they can be commissioned as a lay pastor. I’m not sure why I’m taking it yet, but I’m completely enjoying it. This was class number 7 for me ( you jump in whenever and the 12 session sequence continues to repeat–kind of like when I took Driver’s Ed class).

Here are some topics we covered and some people you can do some research on:

1. The early church and our church–differences and similarities
2. Constantine
3. The Council of Nicea
4. The Doctrine of the Trinity
5. Augustine
6. The Cappodocians
7. Hildegard of Bingen
8. Julian of Norwich
9. Jesus Prayers–Centered Prayers–Breath Prayers
10. Factions of the Church: Roman, Orthodox, Oriental (no longer exists in th same form), Reformed