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Church Pancake Breakfast and Rummage Sale

This weekend, we had a fundraiser at our church. We are raising $5,000 to help a family in our church purchase a service dog for Jac, who is 9 years old. Jac has autism and the service dog will be trained to track and comfort Jac. The dog is a black lab named Teddy.

Jim and Jane (aka Mom) working. Mom organized the breakfast part of the event.

Ruth, Bob and Donna busy in the kitchen.

Elaine purchasing her breakfast

Michael and Italia keeping an eye on the toys

Rummage Sale

Helen and Ann find a poodle skirt. Ann organized the rummage sale side of the fundraiser.

Gary bussed tables all day

Some youth group girls took turns holding the signs

Sara worked a cash register at the rummage sale

Darrell cooks sausages
Ben worked hard in the kitchen

A lot of food was served!

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It seems as if it was quite a success. If nothing else, you all seemed to have really united in the effort. Cool!

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