August 31, 2005

I needed some go juice this morning that was a little stronger than the diet coke I’m used to. Jason was laid off for three weeks, but he went back to work on Monday. This means an alarm goes off in my bedroom at 4:00 every morning. Some days I sleep through it, today I did not. So after I took Jonas to school, I went and got a fat free french vanilla cappuccino at the gas station on my way to work…FOR THE LAST TIME! Don’t get me wrong, it was an okay cup of coffee, but starting tomorrow I can get the real thing at Bridgeview Coffee House. The parents of one of the Brownies in my Girl Scout Troop are opening their shop tomorrow morning. No more gas station cappuccino! Is it strange that I’m so excited? I don’t know. I do know that I’m such a dork that I actually went to their parking lot the other day and sat and read their menu! Oh well, at least I’ll be an over-caffeinated dork.

I’ve spent the morning working on Brownie (girl scout) stuff–preparing paperwork, mailing, and record books. Right now, we have 32 girls signed up to be in the troop this year. That’s almost 4 times as many as we had in the troop last year. Naturally, I’m terrified! I think all of that extra caffeine will come in handy…