Cold Shoulder From a Cat

September 7, 2005
Well, the cat hates me. She hasn’t spoken a word since I picked her up from the vet. All she does is lay on the bathroom floor and ignore us. She hasn’t eaten anything or had any water (that I can tell) since she came home. Hopefully this will get better. I feel awful for her.

Power Lunch went well. I was really nervous when I had to talk, though! But some people were really interested in OCC, so that’s good.

We kicked off our Wednesday night programs at church tonight. The women of the church hosted a cookout that was lots of fun. Would you believe I forgot to take pictures of everything today? I’m horrible about remembering to use my camera–and I even got fresh batteries for it this morning! I was just thinking it would sure be nice if I posted some pictures, but I never take any so I guess we’ll never know. Jason’s really good at remembering to use the camera. I wonder what that says about the difference between him and I?

You may wonder why I’m blogging so late (I remember when 11:00 p.m. was still early). I was trying to go to sleep, but I’m preaching at the early service on Sunday and God likes to give me my sermons in the middle of the night. That’s probably because that’s when I stop thinking and doing stuff and he can finally get in a word or two! Jason’s gotten so used to me getting up in the middle of the night to work on sermons that when I hopped out of bed, he just said, “there’s a notebook on the bookshelf!” and went back to sleep. I took a bunch of notes and marvelled at the wonderful word of God in Hebrews 11:32-12:29 for awhile and now I’m putting a summary of my day in this blog so that maybe I can finally go to sleep!