I love serving a church that cares about the community we live in and serve. Not only is the building used for all sorts of community and non-profit events, but every Wednesday night when we gather for dinner, we learn together about something happening in our community.

Sure, church goers from other churches sometimes scratch their heads–“You don’t have a service on Wednesday night?” and possibly others think we’re a little too unspiritual or secular, but this is an important thing that happens in our church and I think it’s an important part of serving a community.

We may hear about the ministry happening at Matthew 25 or Habitat for Humanity or have the Mayer come speak about something happening in our community. Maybe we’re learning about Emergency Preparedness with Larry Koerber or Nature Myths and Mysteries with Audubon Park Naturalist Julie McDonald (that one’s happening tonight).

Last Wednesday night? ZUMBA!

By far one of my favorite Wednesday night programs ever! And possibly many of our church members who hung in the back and watched a couple of the braver members and I shake our hips and dance up a sweat possibly agree for the wrong reasons.

I may be addicted. I haven’t been able to take a class yet–with Mom going into the hospital and full schedules the last few nights, I haven’t had a chance–but I will. I use my Zumba moves at home. I use them in the car (you know, just the arm ones). A song with an appropriate beat came on the kitchen radio in the church kitchen this morning and I started moving my hips.

One day, I might be good at it. And someone will ask me, “where did you learn to move like that?”

And of course, I’ll have to reply: “At church!”