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September 18, 2005
One of my youth groupies showed up really early for group tonight, so I just went ahead and posted what I had written. I’ll continue it now.

Anyway, we made our prayer journals to remind us to pray like Daniel. Then we had the 10:30 service and children’s church (learned about Philip and the Ethiopian and played line tag in the gym). I then got to go home and have lunch with my lovely family. We had leftovers, but we ate together and it was nice. I think it’s really important for families to eat dinner together.

Then I read while Jason worked on the car and Jonas sat in the truck and sang along with the Phantom of the Opera CD as loud as he could. That kid loves Phantom of the Opera–the music, the movie, the characters. He’s going to be Phantom for Halloween. It’s the oddest thing. I imagine if he’s still enraptured in February, we’ll have to figure out how to have a Phantom of the Opera birthday party.

Then I had to leave to get ready for Youth Group. We had a really great meeting tonight. We had potluck for dinner. Dinner at youth group is a really important time. We eat around a long table in the Fellowship Hall together every Sunday night to start our time together. There’s something really special about sitting down at the table together. I guess that’s why I think it’s so important for families to eat together.

Our discussion was on “God is Like a Potter.” We started the lesson with Sculpterades. That’s charades with clay. You have to create what you want everyone to guess out of clay. Then we read short passages about Sarah, Gideon, David and Peter and how God molded all of them. We talked about how God molds each of us and talked about how God wants to use us to help mold other people. Then we prayed and played Catch Phrase with our remaining time. It was a lot of fun. While we were playing sculpterades, one of the boys in the group asked, “So, like, this is your full time job?” LOL. I then tried to explain what else I do all week, because I really do a lot of stuff. But it’s hard to convince the people that you are constantly taking to Pump It UP or Venture River that your job is hard.

Also, two of my youth expressed a desire to preach at the early service one Sunday. How exciting–that they want to and that it was entirely their idea!

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  1. Niklas & Katie Lorentzon September 19, 2005 at 2:28 pm

    I just love reading your blogs Becky D! You made me “sniggle” (giggle + snicker) out loud several times, especially that post about your continued interesting day. I wish I could meet Jonas! He sounds like just the coolest 6 year-old kid ever! The six to seven age group is definitely my favorite, I think. There is something about them!
    Thanks Becky! You bring joy to my day!