Conversation On The Drive Home

Me: What color would you say my hair is?

Jason: (gestures to the satellite radio which casts a bright blue glow) Blue.

Me: Really.

Jason: Yes. Blue. You’re a smurf. I’m a smurf. I’m Hatty Smurf (pulls at his sock cap)….(does a random hand gesture) Look at me! I’m in the Blue Man Group!

Me: Do you always have to–

Jason: Yes.

Me: (giggle)

Jason: What?

Me: “Hatty Smurf?”

Jason: What? He’s new.

Me: He’s nude? That doesn’t make sense.

Jason: No, I said “new.” (Arrested Development narrator voice:) Hatty Smurf was a never nude. He always wore a hat.

Me: Wow.

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