Conversation with Jonas

December 29, 2005

When Jonas and I drive in the car, he likes to pick my brain. Here’s today’s conversation on the way to the library. Sometimes I think he’s playing his own version of “stump the chump.”

We drove past a church
Jonas: Which church is that?
Becky: The Nazarene Church.
J: Oh, is that the first church?
B: What do you mean? In Henderson?
J: Yeah.
B: No…I guess the first church is St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. I think that maybe they were the first church in town.
J: What about the first church ever?
B: I guess that’s probably in Israel, but I don’t think it’s there anymore.
J: Where is it?
B: Well, I guess it fell down. It would have been there a REALLY LONG TIME AGO.
J: Did you used to go there?
B: No.
J: Did you ever see it?
B: NO. I mean, it was a really long time ago!
J: Did you ever go there?
B: To the church?
J: No–to that place.
B: Yes, I’ve been to Israel.
J: Oh, did you see that church?
B: No, honey, it’s not there anymore. I did see lots of really old churches, though.
J: How do you spell “Israel?”
B: I-S-R-A-E-L
J: Some people don’t believe in God.
B: Yes, that’s true. Do you know any of those people?
J: No. Do you?
B: Yes, a few.
J: Well you just tell them–Wait until you get to Heaven! Then you’ll see!
B: Okay, I’ll remember that.
J: So, how old are fruits?
B: Well, fruit has been around for a long time.
J: Vegetables, too?
B: Yes.
J: Oh. Do they still make that kind of orange that Adam and Eve used to eat?
B: Actually , we don’t know what kind of fruit Adam and Eve ate.
J: Oh. I think it was an orange.
B: Really?
J: So, does every chimney have a fireplace?
B: I guess so.
J: Did Santa Claus make all of the fireplaces?
B: Well, no.
J: What’s Santa Claus’s real name?
B: St. Nicholas or Kris Kringle.
J: Oh. Was God born?
B: No, he wasn’t.
J: Hmmm.
B: God just always was there.
J: Oh, well, is God still dead?
B: No, absolutely not.
J: Oh, is Jesus God’s son?
B: Yes he absolutely is. And he’s alive, too.
J: Can I eat an apple?
B: No, not now.
J: Not now! When we get home.
B: Let’s get through the library first.

These are days when I try really hard to remember every detail! I’m sure I missed some. He sure does come with a lot of good questions.