Couch Potato

September 26, 2006

I had two things to accomplish last night–one of my rare Monday nights at home (a treat during this extremely busy week!): 1) walk on the treadmill and practice my Tai Chi–I’m taking a class at church on Wednesdays evenings and 2) watch TV. I succeeded at both! I worked out in the 7:00 hour and then watched NBC from 8-10.

Now, honestly, I don’t watch very many shows on TV with any sort of regularity. But there were two shows on that I thought were very interesting! The first was a new NBC show called Heroes. Did anyone else catch this? I thought it was actually very good! Basically, it’s about some people who are extra-ordinary–like they have special powers…kind of like Super Heroes…but kind of not. And throughout the whole show, this one guy (who kept dreaming he could fly, but had not tried it yet) kept saying, “Don’t you wonder why we’re here? Don’t you wonder if we’re special?” Kind of like the cry of a whole generation looking for meaning…

And then the second show was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This show is pretty funny. It’s about the cast, crew, and executives of a television “show” that is supposed to be like Saturday Night Live. Before the live “show” the cast and crew gathered in a circle and prayed together–like a real prayer that named Jesus Christ. It was a good (although short) prayer! One of the characters on the show (who is also one of the writers and actresses in the “show”) is an evangelical Christian. I think it should be very interesting to see where this show goes.

Just my impression of an “armchair critic!”

2 responses to Couch Potato

  1. O how interesting. Makes me wanna watch TV and check out those shows in particular. Is it on local programming… or is that cable?

  2. Local–we don’t have cable! NBC to be exact.