Crazy Week

This week should win an award for being so incredibly unique and crazy. Here’s the rundown:

Sunday: Easter. Loved it. We had our last of three consecutive blended worship services and it was awesome. I think Rev John had doubts when we (the worship team) asked to end the service with “I’ll Fly Away,” but the congregation loved it. You might have seen the pictures, so you know we had an Easter egg hunt and lots of cuteness at church after the service. We went to Jason’s aunt’s house later in the day for dinner and the annual egg hunt.

While we were there, Jason’s mother, Shelia, mentioned to me that Jason was taking her for surgery on Monday morning. Jason had no memory of this arrangement. I was shocked that he forgot something.

Not really. So that brings us to…

Monday: I took Shelia for her oral surgery. When we got there, the staff told me that as soon as they started her IV, I could leave and they would call me when she was out of surgery. So I went to Borders. Best way to spend a Monday morning, actually. Of course, I was mindful that the worst way to spend a Monday morning is probably oral surgery, so I tried not to be overly joyful about this unforseen reward. Shelia’s surgery went really well, by the way. Bonus: people are funny when the surgical anesthesia is wearing off, so the ride home was pretty entertaining.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a full work day for me. I hit the ground running in the morning, spent some time with church staff in honor of Rev. John’s birthday, and had a Vacation Bible School meeting in the afternoon. It was busy, but pretty normal. I went and hung out with a pretty cool family that evening and had a mini-phone call with Jenny when I pulled into the driveway. And then LOST was way awesome, so that was a good way to end the day!

Wednesday: Gracious, today was a full day. We had our first high school mission trip fundraiser (a lasagna dinner) and I spent most of the day finishing our preparation for that. I set the tables and made place mats on Tuesday, but today was a day to get all of the other stuff ready. In the midst of it, I was trying to get some of my weekly work done, set up for after school club and deal with some frustrating things that happened right in the middle. The dinner went really well and our entire team was present–which is rare in this time of really full Spring schedules. And then after dinner, I walked drove around the block to Whitney’s (super clean) apartment for some good conversation, prayer and time with Molly, her borrowed dog.

Thursday: We’re not there yet, but I already know something about it. Jonas is sick. He came home from school sick this afternoon, has run a really high fever and had slept all afternoon and evening. I will stay home with him tomorrow while Jason goes to work. When he gets home, I will head to Evansville to get some supplies from Blick because we start our creative arts ministry on Sunday night and the first couple of sessions will be acrylic and canvas with one of our incredibly talented church members (Sharon).

Friday: I’ll start Friday at Holy Name School (behind the front desk). Then I get to have lunch with my dear friend Randa. Then I imagine I will head to my office to finish all of the work I will not be doing tomorrow morning.

Saturday: Let’s try to make Saturday a day of rest, okay? I’m tired.

So, all of this to explain that I really wanted to type some thoughts on Consumer Christianity. I have a post all started about that topic. But I’m exhausted from this week. Maybe in the morning I’ll find the right balance of caffeine and quiet time to type something that makes sense and isn’t boring.

May you know God’s richest blessings today! <3

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