Dear Santa, I came to see you and everything…

When Jonas was eight, he started his letter to Santa this way:

“Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year so let’s get on with it…”

It’s a good thing that Santa has a sense of humor…

Also, I’ve been trying to see Santa this year and get a picture, but every time I see him somewhere, there are all of these KIDS who want to see him and talk to him and sit on his lap and I can’t really get close enough without shoving them…and that’s probably behavior unbecoming a youth and children’s minister.

The only thing that those stories have to do with this blog entry is that…

Tonight, Jason and I went to Santa Claus, IN! We have never been there in the winter before. We usually go once a summer to visit Holiday World and get our fill of lines and roller coasters and free (soft) drinks.

We went shopping at the famous Christmas Store. This store has a LOT of…Christmas. LOTS of it. Everywhere. But it’s charming. We admired the lovely things, took a peek at Santa (covered in children and parents snapping pictures), and then left empty handed.

We walked around a little longer and then we drove through the Land of Lights.

The Land of Lights, is a drive through light display in the Lake Rudolph Campground that tells the story of Rudolph’s tortured-turned-triumphant life.

The drive was accompanied by signs that told Rudolph’s story, piece by piece. Of course, I read these out loud.

It was really cute and the money we paid to drive through went to a good cause.

We drove around a little bit longer and then headed for home. It was a fun way to spend the evening!