Dear Santa…

November 25, 2006

Jonas took a few minutes to pen a letter to Santa last night. Here’s what he wrote:

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year so let’s get on with it. I would like a spy watch and a Star Wars AT-AT. I would also like a Star Wars Lego set. And please bring me a cd player. Thank you.

Love Jonas

I hope Santa has more luck finding a Star Wars AT-AT than Jason and I have had so far…

4 responses to Dear Santa…

  1. Send my best wishes to Santa for on that one. LOL Writing Santa letters was always a memorable experience. Do they post them in the paper there? That was always part of the fun, too. Searching the paper for your letter. Ah, what great memories from Christmas seasons gone by. I do hope Jonas’wish list is fulfilled!

  2. Yes, they have a special section in the paper the Saturday before Christmas. They publish hundreds of santa letters. It’s cute.

    The best part of the whole letter is the, “let’s get on with it.” LOL.

    Jonas is having his doubts about Santa this year. He wants to believe, but some of his friends have told him that Santa isn’t real. Second grade is tough…

  3. Hey, it was my 2nd grade teacher who told us there was no S.C. I think I probably already kinda knew, but bc my younger sister was only 3 the myth was perpetuated for much more of my youth. Anyway, she was reading us a story and said, “And of course you all know there’s not such thing as Santa Claus….” and just kept on going! I’m sure there many who did still believe at that point. Anyway, yeah, he’s at that age.

  4. Yeah I loved the “Let’s get on with it ” line too. Going through my mom’s stuff I came across a letter from my grandfather to Santa explaining that Deborah had been a very naught girl and Santa should probably find a more deserving little girl for her presents.

    Makes you wonder what she did!