Did’ya Miss Me?

January 22, 2007

As I sit here at my desk pondering the year to come, I decided it was too overwhelming and I needed to blog for a bit. Why do it now when you can do it later, right?


We have our VBS theme for this year. It is:

YEE-HAW! It makes me want to join Jenny for a trip to Texas to get some inspiration.

I wonder if this means we can use some of our Fiesta Stuff from last year?

The weekend was relaxing. I had a Club 345 movie night on Friday, a nice relaxing day on Saturday, a visit with my mom, brother and Polly on Saturday night, and an eerily quiet day at church yesterday. Last night was our first Youth Leadership Team meeting and we had youth group, where our small group (first time I’ve had just five at youth group for a long time) produced another episode of YHWH60 news.

Last night, I beat Jason at a game of Target (just thought I’d mention that).

So…that brings us to today.

Happy Monday, everyone!

One response to Did’ya Miss Me?

  1. Wow! The Avalanche Ranch!

    Once again I am wishing there were more words that rhymed in the Swedish language so that I could come up with cool names for kids’ activities for Sunday School!

    Lord, grant me with creativity(+ Swedish words that rhyme)!!!!!!