August 4, 2006

Look, I read Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It was not my very favorite book ever, and I don’t think it’s necessary the “Christian Manifesto” that the back cover says it is, but I will allow that it has brought many people and churches closer to God. That’s all well and good.

But now I’m disturbed because I found out about The Purpose Driven Life Takers, a “Christian” (quotes intentional) video game that puts kids on the streets of New York City seeking out “infidels” (Catholics, Buddhists, homosexuals, mainstream Christians, et al) to force to conversion. If they don’t convert, it’s all right to kill them. You don’t believe me–I know you don’t because I didn’t believe it either.

You can either google it or read more here.

Um…I’m sorry. When did we time travel back like hundreds of years? Or like Jason said: “Isn’t that kind of like Hitler?”

To say the least, I’m disturbed…and with every article I read, I’m more disturbed.

And what’s even more disturbing? Rick Warren is among the most influential evangelicals of our time. His “following” is huge. What will this mean?

Thoughts? Am I missing something?

2 responses to Disturbed

  1. I went to the website and read the article you linked your page to. I honestly didn’t read the whole thing, but what I did read was quite disturbing. Under the assumption that all that is in that article is factual, my goodness! That is SO disturbing. (Good title for you post!) Yeah, um, I’m really quite speechless right now. I mean, I’ve got like 2,000 thoughts running through my head on how wrong that is and it all comes back to…”Oh my.” And with the recent Mel Gibson “incident” I’m just thinking “Christianity” (as know to the masses) just doesn’t look so appealing right now. I mean, not to me, but to those who don’t know what it’s REALLY all about.

    Uh, yeah, no…I don’t always hear God clearly or get total revelation from all the Word has to say, but I can honestly say that I’ve never gotten anything from Him that would suggest killing someone should be the alternative to bringing them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Hm. And if I’m really worried about their eternal well-being I’m supposed to give them one chance and then with my own hands send them straight to Hell? Yeah, something about that is just wrong. My, and to impress that upon young children. What kind of influence will this be on our next generation evangelists and “Christians”?

  2. Tracy Francisco August 6, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    How you doing over there in KY. You know I am full blooded Kentuckian, right? LOL I havent read this site but I will probably tomorrow and check out the site. I will make comment as soon as I read and investigate the reading. Thanks for bringing it out to attention.