Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

I am, for better or worse, a multi-tasker. I’m really good at it, actually. I often have two or three tabs open in Firefox when I’m online, I’ll have iTunes open or even have a movie or tv show playing on one of the tabs (thanks to the wonders of Netflix and Hulu). If I’m watching TV, it’s not uncommon for me to have my laptop open or my phone in my hands or a magazine. Even when I read, I’m usually listening to music. I find it difficult to do one thing at a time.

I know that’s ultimately not a good thing.

I also know that it’s kind of useful some times. I mean, I’m able to get a lot done. No one can say I’m not productive.

The benefits of multi-tasking are that I’m able to pay attention to more than one thing at the same time. I can carry on a conversation with a church visitor in the doorway of our after school program and keep an ear on the kids playing in the gym and be able to tell the exact second when chaos is about to break loose. I can get several things done at one time–like making fliers for an event and watch a movie with Jason. I can exercise and clean out my email inbox. A lot of things can happen at the same time, which means I have more free time in the end…so that’s good, right? Maybe.

That said, Mashable had an article about a fun website over the weekend.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes.

Basic idea? It requires you to do nothing for two minutes. If you touch your mouse or your keyboard, you get a FAIL message and the clock restarts (in red so you know you’re a loser). You’ll be glad to know that I’ve only ever seen the fail message because I wanted to see what happened if I clicked my mouse.

Yet, the first time I sat looking at the serene scene and the countdown clock I had the following thoughts:

I can’t hear it. I wonder if I need to turn the volume up.

But if I turn the volume up, that’s doing something.

Hey, this is really cool. I wonder if there’s a way to share it on facebook.

Wow, two minutes is a long time.

I should totally blog about this.

I don’t remember how to take a screen shot. But I’ll need a screen shot of this when I blog.

What time is it? Should I start making supper?

I could totally do something on my phone right now. Or is this website so smart it can tell when I’m doing something on my phone?

I should really be doing nothing. Like not even thinking.

All that in about the first 30 seconds, by the way. My brain works fast–all that multi-tasking practice.

I spent the last minute and change just sitting. Just quiet.

It was nice.