Donut Day

October 20, 2009

ACT Club had donuts this morning at South Middle School! Donut day is always a big hit with the students and the teachers. How would you like it if someone who worked somewhere else (me) brought in boxes of sugar and handed it out to whoever wanted to come? I smooth this over by bringing EXTRA donuts for the students to take to their teachers. This keeps me from being blacklisted and turned away at the front desk.

As a side note, Mrs. Wells, the school librarian, has had this freestanding figure of Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings for a long time. She used to have it standing so that it was facing the door of the library. Every time I would walk in the door, especially if it was still dark and no one else was there yet, Orlando would scare me half to death because he looked so real.

Enjoy Tuesday!