I have had some weird dreams lately.

The other night, I dreamed that the church contained an office supply company that was using our upstairs rooms for a warehouse. I went to the break room and there were two friends (both of whom I had spoken to the day before, neither know the other) eating lunch and chatting it up.

Another morning, I dreamed that the floor of our house was covered in sand. We didn’t know where it came from or what to do with it. Jason was trying to vacuum it. Jonas was throwing it. I was mixing margaritas (ok, that last part’s a lie. But that would be a good thing to do if your house fills with sand, in my opinion). I think mostly I freaked out. Because the house was filled with sand.

This happens to me. I go through long stretches of time where I don’t remember any of my dreams and then I have stretches where I remember lots of vivid dreams. They are usually odd–a mis-mash of people and places and times in my life.

I sometimes have dreams that are meaningful. I can always tell when I need to pay attention to a dream, although I can’t actually describe what it is that makes the difference. I just know.

Sometimes people will share their dreams with me and wonder if I know what it means. I think the key to a dream’s interpretation lies with the dreamer. There are feelings that only the dreamer felt; there are symbols in dreams that are only significant to the one who is dreaming about them; different words have different connotations, different people mean different things, different situations represent things that only the dreamer can realize.

When I dream a dream that I know is significant, I write down every single detail as soon as I can. Every color, every person, every word exactly as I remember it spoken, every detail. I usually remember these dreams pretty clearly, even after I’ve been up and around, but timing is important. I Look for things I noticed specifically in the dream: why did I notice that the room was painted orange? Why did she use that particular word to describe that object?

What do my dreams mean? I have some idea after doing some thinking about each. Both have shed a little bit of light on my own thoughts and feelings about things at church and at home.

I like dreaming–it’s a more fun way to sleep, don’t you think?

(Painting: Bumblebee Constellation by Emma Grace Hodge)

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