Election Day Cake

If you know us, it’s likely that you guessed that today is an interesting day in the Durham household. Truly, every day is pretty interesting, but election day–and maybe most especially presidential election day–is rather exciting.

We are a bipartisan household.

Jason and I are registered with different political parties and we both have supported different candidates in this election. For the last three presidential election cycles (since we got married) this has been the case.

When we first married, we were both a little closer to the center. Over the years, we’ve drifted apart (just politically, I assure you).

Today, we woke up and we kissed each other good morning. At 8:00, we rode together to our polling location and cast our ballots simultaneously (knowing for the most part, we were canceling each other’s votes out).

Today he got home from work earlier than I did and he baked us an election day cake.


It’s a really, fantastically delicious cake.

A friend texted joking about the cake. I replied, “One of us will celebrate. One of us will be upset. We’ll both eat cake.”

Jesus is my Lord.

Jason is my husband.

You are my friend.

Those three things are much more important to me than the name or identity of any elected official in the United States.