Election Day

May 20, 2008

It’s election day. That means:

1) there is no school so I’m home with Jonas today.

2) I got to sleep in. All the way until 6:15 when Jason’s alarm went off and I moved to the couch to watch the morning news.

3) I get to go to Countryview Baptist Church today (that’s where I vote).

4) I get to listen to Jonas (loyal to the end–for whatever reason) tell me all the reasons I should vote for Hillary. If you remember, Jonas tends to get caught up in politics, even if it’s just because of an extremely competitive spirit. I’m not quite sure how he picks his candidate of choice, but he takes it very seriously.

So far today, I’ve watched the news, wrote all of my thank you cards for birthday presents,
did some housework, watched an episode of Gilmore Girls on DVD, made breakfast for Jonas, and got ready for the day. It’s kind of cloudy outside and Jason’s working all day today.

That is all…

One response to Election Day

  1. Slept in…ha

    I love Gilmore Girls. Basically because I appreciate the acting skill of both girls. They talk so fast and yet I can still capture every detail. Awesome show.