#EmptyShelf Challenge Book #1: Under The Dome

January 6, 2014

In order to have some accountability about wasting less time playing around online and more time reading books, I decided to track my books by participating in Jon Acuff’s Empty Shelf Challenge. Click that link and read about the challenge! I love to read and I used to read a whole lot more books than I’ve been reading in recent years and I think if I’m honest with myself, it has everything to do with the fact that I’ve replaced my book reading with online blog and article reading and social media reading. Although these things are fine, and in some cases good, to read in moderation, I’d like to get back to book reading.

I don’t have a physical empty shelf since most of my books, at least in this first half of the year, will be read digitally on my Kindle Fire.

I’m pinning the books on a Pinterest Board, but I’ll also just briefly summarize them here, using the same format Jon Acuff is using at his site. I’ll be reading a mix of fiction and non-fiction…and eventually, if everything goes right, I’ll be reading books for school as well.

Title: Under The Dome

Author: Stephen King

Started: November 2013  Finished: January 3, 2013

Total # of Pages: 1092   Total for 2014: 1092

What it’s about: A dome comes down around Chesters Mill, Maine, and anyone in the town limits on dome day is trapped and completely cut off from the outside world. Residents have to figure out how to live in this new society.

Why did I read it? Stephen King is a genius and the concept was intriguing.

If you’re thinking, “I can’t read Stephen King–he’s too scary,” it’s important to note that Stephen King has books that are really scary. But he also writes books that are about people. He’s a great character writer. This recent offering, along with 11/22/63, is full of strong characters and great storylines and just a hint of a sci-fi bend. (In both books, the science fiction is only important that it sets up the story and creates a backdrop. I would not describe either book as Science Fiction, really.) This book took forever to read, but it was worth the time.