#EmptyShelf Challenge Book #12: Imperfect Birds

February 27, 2014

imperfect birdsTitle: Imperfect Birds

Author: Anne Lamott

Started: February 8, 2014  Finished: February 27, 2014

Number of Pages: 278   Total for 2014: 4,854

What it’s about: Writer James and recovering addict and stay-at-home Mom Elizabeth are raising Elizabeth’s daughter Rosie. Rosie is almost eighteen and it’s the summer before her senior year of high school. The couple struggle with parenting a child who is using drugs, alcohol and sex casually. Elizabeth and Rosie both try to figure out life, themselves and what the future looks like.

Why I read it: I love Anne Lamott and had never read any of her fiction. As a parent struggling with a teenage child who makes choices I wouldn’t choose for him, I found this book fascinating.