#EmptyShelf Challenge Book #3: David and Goliath

January 20, 2014

david and goliathTitle: David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants

Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Started: January 13, 2014   Finished January 20, 2014

Total # of Pages: 332    Total for 2014: 1,793

What it’s About: Gladwell takes the story of David and Goliath, and all of the ways that tend to think about and apply that story and completely turns it on its ear. What if underdogs aren’t actually underdogs? What if what seems like a disadvantage is actually an advantage? What if the setbacks and obstacles we face in life actually are the things that give us the greatest advantages?

This book is fantastic. I’m a Malcolm Gladwell fan and this may be my favorite book yet. He starts with a great intro about David and Goliath and then shares the life stories of inspiring person after inspiring person and the ways their obstacles–dyslexia, losing a parent, surviving an attack, civil rights battles (there’s a fantastic chapter on Dr. Martin Luther King, JR and the Birmingham Civil Rights movement), crime–served as advantages and the sources of greatness in each life.

Why I read it: Gladwell fandom aside, I read it because I heard his TED talk on the subject and was intrigued about the subject matter. I also heard that it was during the writing of this book that Gladwell returned to being a person of faith, which was interesting to think about. I received it as a Christmas gift from Stefanie (my sister-in-law) and moved it to the top of my list after a conversation about the book with my youth minister friends.