#EmptyShelf Challenge Book #7: Fly Away

February 3, 2014

fly awayTitle: Fly Away

Author: Kristin Hannah

Started: January 31, 2014   Finished: February 3, 2014

Number of Pages: 400   Total for 2014: 3,065

What it’s About: This is the sequel to Hannah’s “Firefly Lane” novel. I remember reading that book at some point, but had forgotten much of it by the time I started this book.

Kate is dead and three people in her life deal with this tragedy. The point of view and the point in time switch frequently and swatches of the story are told from the points-of-view of husband, daughter and best friend. Kate was the glue that held all of them together. What are they supposed to do now? The characters deal with heartbreak, the inability to say what they really want to say, and addictions of various types.

This book is good…but exhausting. When an additional character, with her own backstory and point of view, entered the book mid-way, I almost quit reading just because I didn’t want to invest in her as well.

Why I Read It: I just randomly picked it up at the library. After I started reading, I remembered the author and “Firefly Lane.”

p.s. For the first time in my adult life, I won a prize for reading! The Henderson County Public Library is having a contest. To enter, you read four books by March 3 and turn in a paper with the titles. When I turned in my sheet on Friday, I got a coffee mug!

p.p.s I’m really enjoying how much time I’m spending reading. It feels like a much better way to “waste” time than staring at a screen!