End of March

March 30, 2009

March has been a really busy month for our family! I can’t believe that the year is already 1/4 over.

First of all, we decided to put our house back on the market. We’ve found a delightful new realtor (Kathy Jackson) to list with. We’ve worked hard this month (okay, actually Jason worked very hard this month and I worked kind of hard) to get the house ready to relist. We worked in our kitchen (new floors and fresh paint; plus some layout changes) and in our main bathroom (changed the plumbing to add a shower, had bathtub redone, added shower surround, new vanity, new floor, new paint, new medicine cabinet, new shower curtain). Jason also painted his office and replaced the furniture. Most of this was done with the Lowe’s gift cards that we got for Christmas and Jason’s birthday and the rest was done as inexpensively as possible. Kathy took some great pictures the other day and as soon as she posts them, I’ll share them.

Also, this is the month we’re really starting to work on South Dakota Mission planning and summer planning in general. Our high school mission team is headed to Rosebud, South Dakota this June to work on the Rosebud Sicangu Lakota Sioux Reservation. We’re very excited and we’ll have our very first fundraiser this Wednesday night at 6:00! We have 10 people going on this trip from our church and 11 people from the Owensboro First Presbyterian Church will also go. We are very excited!

Sunday, we’re throwing a baby shower for one of my new friends, Stepheny. Stepheny and Nelson just began attending our church in the Fall. They already have a child (Nelson, Jr) and have a baby girl on the way. The grandmother to be, the aunt to be, and I are the official hosts. Really, I’m just in charge of invitations and the cake. I’ve already sent the invitations, but I still need to take care of the cake. Jenny–I wish you were here!

On another note, Sunday is also the 60th birthday party at our church. That does not mean that our church is 60 years old, but rather that a large number of people in our church turn 60 during this calendar year (okay, maybe only like 8 people, but it seems like a lot for our church). So we’re having a party right after the second service.

Jonas is doing really well. He’s getting a bit of Spring fever, and I know he’s looking forward to a relaxing Spring Break next week! We were supposed to start break tomorrow after school (we usually get 1 1/2 weeks), but we’re having to wait until Friday because of make up days from the ice storm. He’ll probably spend a lot of time playing in the neighborhood–which is the perfect Spring Break when you’re 10. It’s nice that he’s old enough now to get out and play in the neighborhood with his friends.

Well, here I am blogging, but I actually have a lot of things to do today! Hope it’s sunny wherever you are!

2 responses to End of March

  1. Busy, busy, busy! I am glad you are not bored. I will pray for your house to sell. I know this is a difficult time to accomplish this; however, God can do the impossible!

  2. I would gladly have made you a cake. My family is actually coming into town this weekend and I have two to make.

    Great that you are trying to sell again. I’ll keep that in my prayers. I look forward to seeing the remodel pics.