Every Thing On It


I have loved Shel Silverstein ever since elementary school when our school librarian would sit us down in the reading area and read poem after poem from “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and “A Light In the Attic.” I was delighted when I stumbled upon “Uncle Shelby’s ABZs” at a friend’s house (“Q is for quarter. Here is a quarter for you because Uncle Shelby loves you so much! ….it’s not here? Hmm.. Mommy and Daddy must have stolen it.”). And who doesn’t love “The Giving Tree?” Jonas adored “Runny Babbit” when he was small and I loved reading him the gibberish words over and over and thinking of new ways to say things.

Here is a new book!

2 thoughts on “Every Thing On It”

  1. Your love for S.S. will always be one thing I remember about you! Whenever I see or hear of a a S.S. book I think of you! I will (someday!) read them to my kiddos and think of you!:)

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