Exhausted = Me

August 26, 2009

Moving is hard work. Sweaty, heavy, obnoxious hard work. But the actual moving into a new space is kind of fun. I’m so thankful for Jason, who has done the lion’s share (ha–I never get to say that…wonder where that phrase came from?) of the heavy work and has made numerous trips back and forth to our former residence to get boxes and boxes of our stuff. I’ve been packing boxes, unpacking boxes, organizing stuff for storage, and getting ready for the Yard Sale of the Century (this Friday and Saturday). My mom has been a gracious hostess.

A word about us living with my mom. Whenever Jason or I say that we’re moving in with my mom, people usually act like they don’t know what to say. Here’s what you say, “Hey, that’s a good idea!” Because it is. Have you ever bought and sold a house at the exact same time? I haven’t and after what it took to sell our house, I never want to. Anyway, we like my mom (heck, we love her, even!) and we think it’s really cool that we get to rent a couple of rooms from her while we recover from a long, difficult selling journey and get ready to decide what our next home ownership step will be. Plus, it will be great for her and Jonas to get to spend so much time together (and us too).

So a quick update to let you know that we’re doing really well…except for the part where we’re all really tired.

One response to Exhausted = Me

  1. I only had to move one room full of stuff, and I got worn out quick. I couldn't imagine moving an entire house.