Fabulous Fall Break

October 4, 2008

It’s here! Vacation! We’re not going anywhere, but we’re not really working either (and Jonas doesn’t have school). I’m going to catch up on some sleep, catch up on some housework, and help Jason re-program some of the attitudes and smart mouth responses that Jonas has picked up somewhere. The number one thing we’re trying to reverse goes something like this:

Jason: Jonas it’s time to clean up your toys.

Jonas: Nah.

Becky: Jonas you need to get a towel and take a shower.

Jonas: No.

Jason: Jonas, bring me my phone, please.

Jonas: Nah.

As if we were asking him to make a choice in any of these matters.

Also, we’ve discovered that somewhere, someone (we have a pretty good idea who) has been sharing some hateful slurs and racist, bigoted attitudes with nine year old Jonas that he’s been sharing with us as of late. We’re going to work on that this week, too. Children are so impressionable, really, and Jonas is still in his parroting phase–where he pretty much absorbs other people’s opinions and thoughts and parrots them back when he deems it to be appropriate (although often the thoughts and opinions he is hearing are NEVER appropriate).

But, I think we’re pretty good at handling these situations. When Jonas gives us the “nah” line, he quickly discovers that actually, he will comply or he will be sent to his bed. There is often some drama involved, but we can handle that. As for the colorful things he’s been parroting to us, we’re doing our best to ask questions and open the discussion–and most of all, be patient. It’s hard to reason with a nine year old and hopefully our enlightened viewpoints will influence him as much (if not more) as the un-enlightened, ignorant viewpoints he’s hearing other places.


All right, all of that unpleasant business aside, we’re going to have a fabulous fall break! Today, the boys went to Evansville to buy Jonas’ Halloween costume. Tonight, we’re taking a walk downtown and will probably catch dinner with my mom. Tomorrow, Jason may take Jonas to church (I’m playing hooky–don’t judge! I never, ever, ever miss church while everyone else gets to choose to sleep in or go to the lake whenever they like) and then we’re thinking about going to Gattitown, which is a new fun place in Evansville.

During the rest of this week, we’re thinking we might take a day trip to do some hiking and the boys are thinking about a possible camping adventure mid-week.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately–but I’ll try to do better!

One response to Fabulous Fall Break

  1. Sounds like you will have a nice fall break. Enjoy!