Faith that Could Move Beyonce

Here is something remarkable I witnessed at after school club yesterday:

The backstory: Lilianna (grade 1) and Kayci (grade 3) have been building a paper structure that is clearly a castle. It’s got towers and a drawbridge. They began a few weeks ago and have worked on it whenever the art room is open. For reasons unclear to me (maybe they sold ad space), they named it “The Black History Queen of England Castle.” They put signs on it that read “Do not Toush.” Here are some pictures:

When they started, they had a great idea. What if they could show their castle to everyone at Jefferson Elementary School? So they devised a plan.

Lilianna: We should show this to everyone at school.

Kayci: Yeah. We could take it to all the classrooms.

Lilianna: YEAH! Wait….will my teacher let me?

Kayci: Oh, you’ll just say you have to go to the bathroom.

Lilianna: Oh. Yeah.

Then yesterday, they were continuing to work on it. Apparently, while I was gone, the plan had become slightly more complicated.

Becky: So, girls, how’s the castle going?

Lilianna: Great! I’m going to make the goodie bags!

Becky: Goodie bags?

Lilianna: Yeah, for the whole school. We’re going to give them out when we show them the castle.

Becky: Who’s going to make those?

Lilianna: Me! I have lots of candy at my house!

Kayci: But we’re kind of scared of the 4th and 5th graders.

Lilianna: Yeah, they think they’re “all that.”

Becky: Oh, so you’re still going to show the whole school. Do you know how you’re going to get permission to take it to each classroom?

Kayci: No, we’re not doing that anymore! We’re going to have an assembly!

Becky: An assembly? Where?

Kayci: In the gym.

Becky: But…how?

Kayci: We’re going to ask the principal to call everyone to the gym.

Becky (carefully–I didn’t want to discourage them.): Well…that’s a great idea….but do you think the principal will call everyone down to the gym to look at your castle?

Lilianna: Not just for the castle! We have goodie bags, too.

Becky: Wow, that will be a lot of goodie bags.

Kayci: Yeah, but Lilianna’s going to make them.

Lilianna: Well…actually…I might not want to give my candy away.

Kayci: Well, my mom has lollipops! I’ll get those.

Becky: How many goodie bags do you think you’ll need for the whole school?

Lilianna: Maybe 50.

Kayci: No, maybe 100.

Mrs. Becky: Well, I would guess it’s more like 400.

Kayci: Lilianna–we’re going to have to get more lollipops!

Magdalena (Lilianna’s big sister, who has been rolling her eyes so much they might fall out of her head): Hey, maybe you’ll be famous and get to go to Hollywood (the sarcasm is evident only to me).

Kayci and Lilianna: SQUEAL!!!!!!!

Lilianna: Hey–wait! How are we going to get there?

Kayci: I don’t know…we’re just kids.

Lilianna: Oh, we’ll just take an airplane.

Kayci: Okay.

Magdalena: I was kind of joking…

Kayci: And while we’re there, we’ll take our castle to show Beyonce! I just love Beyonce!

Lilianna: And Jesse McCartney! And then he’ll give me a kiss! (about an hour of giggling followed)

Kayci: But if we’re going to take our castle to Hollywood, why are we making tickets to raffle it off? (That’s another part of the project, by the way. One lucky student was going to get to keep the castle when they raffled it off at the assembly)

Lilianna: Good point.

Kayci: I know! We’ll just make another one.

Wow. Do you remember having faith in yourself like that? Never once did these girls doubt that their castle was worthy of world renown. They doubted that their teachers would let them out of class or that they could find a way to Hollywood, but never that their project was destined to be the star of an assembly, the prize of a raffle or something to show Beyonce.

May we have this kind of faith in the things that God gives us to do.

6 thoughts on “Faith that Could Move Beyonce”

  1. ok. so i’m going to pull a hennyfair and respond as i really thought…

    the reason we lose that kind of faith is because we learn that such things aren’t possible. we learn that our dreams…big or small…rarely hold water in light of reality. so our faith gets entrapped in the confines of past experiences and disappointments. after a while it becomes nearly impossible to plan for, expect, or even hope for such things.

    at least that’s how i’ve come to see things. and while, yes, this seems overly negative, which i admit it does, i also see a bright side to this, too. that is why i take such delight in the “little” things. hoping for the “big dreams” of the past have only ever led to disappointment and disillusionment. Delighting in the little, realized things gives happiness to my life. So, it’s not all bad….

  2. I was full of joy reading that. Child like faith has rarely been a problem for me. I believe in such events happening if it be in God’s will. Beyonce maybe not so much. But one little castle did more for me than those kids know. It reminded me to dream big despite rationality. It makes life exciting. Have an assembly! Why not?

  3. Thanks for sharing that!!! I have not laughed this hard for awhile!!! That was great! I hope you don’t mind if I direct a few of my teacher friends to read this, they will get a kick out of it too! And what a great reminder about Faith!!! The faith of children!!! God Bless

  4. Becky, this is great and through my kids, I have been blessed , as well as inspired by their faith! This made me smile all morning! Thanks for sharing!

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