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Fall Break Pictures

One of the things we did over Fall Break was go to Gattytown. GT is kind of like Chuck E Cheese…if Chuck E Cheese took steroids. Here are Jason and Jonas playing a video game.

This was a giant grabby machine that I thought Jenny would appreciate it. I don’t think the picture captures the giant-ness of it all.

I made Jason ride with Jonas on the Frog Hopper.

Jason’s review of the Frog Hopper: “Well, it was about as exciting as it could possibly be…”

Also, we went to the Zoo! Here we are hanging around!

Jason and Jonas examine an enormous snake.

Jonas in a jaguar trap.

Jonas playing in the prarie dog exhibit

I was thinking about Katie as I took these pictures…

This is the only lion I could see. She was off in the Asian Big Cats area…I guess they’re going to build a new lion exhibit soon.

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I am the opposite of Peaches. I do not like zoos. I’m such a strange science teacher! đŸ™‚

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