Fast Life

September 10, 2008

Well, to those of you wondering whether or not Jonas enjoys football, the answer is that I really don’t know. I know he hates to get his uniform on (and any girl that ever put on a pair of tight pants can understand why) and he hates to leave the home to go to practice or games. But I think when he’s actually there, he does enjoy it. Especially the games. He’s not bad, either. I think the amount of rules and plays confuse him sometimes, but he’s really good at focusing on his opponent and bringing him down.

In other updates, we are showing our house again today. Yep–the house that’s still on the market for almost a year now. We chose a lovely time to try to sell–don’t you think?

Tonight we officially launch our new mid-week kids’ program called “Faithweaver Friends.” It’s a program from Group Publishing and I did a trial run of the first lesson on Sunday when one of the Sunday School teachers couldn’t make it and I ended up with two classes to teach. Seemed like a good time to try it out…and it went great! So I’m excited about it tonight 🙂

I’m really busy with church stuff and girl scout stuff and family stuff. The middle school youth group has a game night at the church on Friday. The high school youth group is going canoeing–we hope the water will be high enough–on Sunday. A busy, fun week!