Fat Tuesday Ten: Indulgences

pancakeHey, it’s Fat Tuesday! It seems like a day to indulge in something. Ten of my favorite luxuries:

1. Cheesecake.

2. A hot, bubbly bubble bath.

3. A glass of Moscato (red or white, I love them both.)

4. Window shopping at the mall.

5. A cup of coffee and a book full of fiction.

6. People Magazine.

7. The couch and the DVR full of shows I haven’t had time to watch.

8. Sleeping in until it’s time to go back to bed again.

9. Dark Chocolate.

10. Shrove Tuesday Pancakes.  (In Henderson, St. Paul’s starts serving all you can eat plates at 5 tonight. Somewhere else? Call your local Episcopal Church and ask about it. No one makes pancakes like the Episcopalians!)

**Note: Actually, I’m spending today at a denominational meeting. Maybe someone will slip me a People Magazine?

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