Favorite Pictures of 2010

The year started almost immediately with surgery on my achilles tendon. The kids in our church’s after school program drew and “bedazzled” boots for me.

Jason is a really good photographer–we need to get him some good equipment at some point. He took this picture in January at Audubon Park.

Love this picture because Jason is totally breaking his own “no dogs on the bed” rule. Sam is obsessed with stuffed monkeys.

Jonas and Jeff engaged in a hands-on Nerf war in February. Look how SHORT Jonas’ hair is!

My 32nd birthday cake lovingly made by Jonas…he spelled my whole name and turned a 5 upside down because he broke the “2.”

Elle and I on a pier in North Carolina during our high school mission trip. I chose this picture because I’ve known Elle nearly all of her life. She was the flower girl in our wedding! I love my youth group!

Jason on the top of Mt. Katahdin in Maine. This picture represents a dream of his–and one long, hard hike!

Jason, Jonas, Chris Galbraith and I at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga. We took off for a short vacation and had a great time.

This picture is bittersweet. It was taken one week before Whitney left to be a missionary in Chile. I miss that girl.

Fine. I did it. I went camping. It was not horrible. I’m not planning to go again any time soon. Nolan, Jonas, Tyler and Jason around the campfire.

Jason and Jenny sharing their BOB-o’clock moment at her wedding. They both look so happy!

Jonas and Jason biking at Angel Mounds in late October.

Chippy/Chachi looking all prim and proper. She was our dog for five days. I’m really glad we found a home for her, but it was fun to have her visit us.

Jason meeting his hero, Mark Twain. The library resurrected him for a fun night in our church fellowship hall.

This picture is Jonas working up the courage to zip line. He did it and he’s still talking about it.

My high school youth group girls celebrating Ellen’s birthday and planning their 1K Challenge project. These girls are amazing in so many ways.

This picture is from our friend Stepheny’s wedding. My husband had just been pressed into service for the past two hours–hauling and setting up a cake, taking pictures, setting up a sound system, serving punch–and yet there is a look of joy on his face as he helps the bride’s small son eat a piece of cake. I love that I married that guy!

It’s been a roller coaster year for Jonas. One year ago, we would have never gotten a picture like this (smile full of teeth and excitement in his eyes). I’m glad he’s made it through one hard year and I’m proud of him.

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful friends and family! May you be surrounded by love, peace and happiness in 2011!