Food Shortage

April 24, 2008

Sometimes I hate the media.

This morning, the lead story on the Today Show was about food. The price of staple foods like rice, flour, and others have skyrocketed and this has caused a shortage in some Asian countries. There are a lot of reasons that this is happening. But the bottom line is that the price of basic food are going up as the price of oil rises. You all have probably experienced this is you ever go to the grocery store. I’ve begun keeping track and today, for example, I noticed that the price of a loaf of store brand bread has jumped from 97 cents to $1.17. The coffee we buy has gone from $7.00 per container to $10.00 per container. Milk has gone up.

The news mentioned the fact that this price increase has made it harder for impoverished peopled in developing nations to buy food or trade for food. Then they went on to talk about the US and how people have begun hoarding food like rice and how Sam’s Club and Costco have had to begin rationing their rice supplies so that people don’t buy it all up.

Now, I realize I’m not an expert. But this story made me mad for a couple of reasons:

1) I wasn’t even thinking about hoarding food. The thought had never crossed my mind. Sure, it’s getting more and more expensive, but there was not even a little part of me that thought, I should go to the store and buy 1,000 lbs of rice. I’m still not thinking I should do that, but the thought was placed in my mind by the media. Many more impressionable people probably ran to the store and bought rice and flour to store in their pantry.

2) Don’t get me wrong, I love our country, but the USA is like the most gluttonous nation EVER. There are many people who are struggling to make ends meet and buy groceries for their family, but most of us live lives where we can swing through the drive through and buy super sized value meals that would feed a village in another country. As a whole, we have no business to be worried that we might have a food shortage. How spoiled does it sound when we announce via a news story that we think we’re on the verge of a food shortage? UGH.

3) I’m frustrated that the economy is so messed up and that the poor people of the world continue to get poorer. I hate it that the price of oil is driving up the price of food and making it even harder for a struggling mother in Sudan to buy rice for her children’s dinner. We need to be praying about this.

2 responses to Food Shortage

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Lorentzon April 27, 2008 at 12:03 am

    That’s definitely sickening.


  2. ARGHH! THE “RICE CRISIS!” My friends and I talk of this frequently but most assuredly in a way that is making fun of crazy Americans. I get all upset about it every single time, though. Argh!