Forgotten Palms

Palm branchphoto © 2007 tree-species | more info (via: Wylio) On Monday morning, I rescued the left-behind palm branches from around the church. The children joyfully waved them during worship, but they were set aside and forgotten as they went to the gym to shoot baskets or raced to see if any donuts remained.

I wonder this morning what happened to the branches on the road into Jerusalem?

Palm Sunday shouts of  “Hosanna!” and “Blessed!” are silent today. The branches that waved have been forgotten.

Jesus, the hero of the parade just days earlier, is condemned and abandoned.

What an emotional roller coaster that must have been, as Sunday’s welcome to the city turned into the request to “Free Barabbas–Jesus can die.”

Sunday started with loud shouts and praises. Friday ends silently with mourning and lost hope.

We are the people of Easter, so we know how it ends. The first disciples did not.

Peace to all of you as you finish your Lenten journeys.