Fourth Grade Something

Jonas starts school on Tuesday (which is really, really, really early, by the way). His new teacher is named Mrs. King. When he heard that he got Mrs. King, he cheered and jumped around for about 5 minutes. He’s so excited to be a fourth grader and he’s taken various pieces of information about fourth grade in stride: He won’t have a locker this year, he has a math book instead of math worksheets, his lunch isn’t until noon…etc.

Tomorrow, we go to an open house at his school so he can go to his classroom and meet his teacher. We’ll take some of his school supplies and get his desk organized (the only time it will be organized this year, I’m sure).

Yesterday, he began to worry about what he should wear to the open house. When he came home, he began trying out clothes. He wears a uniform to school every day, so this seemed really important to him. He finally settled on this:

Notice the shirt is tucked in, he’s wearing a belt, and he got a new cross necklace that he’s really proud of. When he took his final choice off, he hung it up on hangers on his dresser (so he wouldn’t forget what he chose). Please notice that he also hung up the socks:

Anyway, fourth grade will be tougher than third grade, but I guarantee you–Jonas is ready to go! Please pray for him (and for us) as we get ready for school!

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I know this is irrelevant to Jonas…but to me I am quite tickled…rather than start school this week in KY…we won’t be starting until August 20th in AK! Woohooo!!

4th Grade was a good year for me. Even though it was the year of Eugenia and the hamster bite. Even so…all things considered…it was a good one. I hope and pray Jonas has an equally as good year. Minus the rodent bite, of course. 🙂

Um…I’ll be sure to tell Jonas that you’re praying he doesn’t get bit by a rodent. He’ll be touched.

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