I love Fridays anyway because they are the first of my two official days off (and even though I don’t always take Friday completely off, I make the rules for how I spend it and when/where/how I work if I do). Since I started at the church, I’ve had Friday as my weekday off. I love being off on a week day when a lot of the rest of the working world is at work. It’s a good day to run errands and get things done. I try to spend part of Friday doing things that I need to do. I go to the gym, read, nap, spend time alone–whatever I need to do to recharge.

This Friday is a snow day. Here’s how I’m spending it:

Finishing my sermon for Sunday. I think I’ll probably post it on Monday, by the way.

Reading Scripture (especially today’s lectionary and Sunday’s common lectionary texts).

Reading Anne Lamott’s “Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith.”

Playing with Tweetdeck (my Twitter stream).

Reading everything that shows up in my Google Reader.

Drinking coffee (I made the second pot about an hour ago).

Staring into space.

Listening to Pandora (a station around The Decemberists earlier; Praise and Worship right now).

Napping while I listen to Pandora (that’s probably next)

Watching one of the shows I got on DVD for Christmas (“Criminal Minds” or “Grey’s Anatomy,” probably).

Listening to Jonas’ jokes and watching him perform yoyo tricks.

Taking a (short) walk outside with Jason, who loves to be out in the snow.

Tonight I will “work.” I’m spending a couple of hours with the high school girls from the church eating dinner and picking up supplies for our first day of Kids’ Club next weekend.

Is it snowing where you are? Enjoy your day whatever it’s bringing!